About Beehive

The Beehive philosophy is based on the belief that all children are unique, capable, competent and involved learners who make a valuable contribution to their community.

We believe children have the right to loving relationships, care and education in an environment that is safe and free from discrimination. We also believe each child’s learning and resilience is enhanced when they feel they belong and are valued and where their rights are respected and their individual needs are met.

We believe that early childhood is a vital stage in human development and provides the foundations for future learning. Young children should have time to “just be” to play, to try new things, explore their world and to have fun.

We believe young children learn through their play experiences and our programs are responsive to this and are tailored to each child’s needs and level of development. Our educational programs reflect this and the principal and practices of the National Early Years Learning Framework which guides our educational and care programs.

We also highly value the role of our educators in building genuine relationships with each child as this underpins our programs and enhances learning outcomes. Our educators closely observe and document each child’s learning, they participate in their play experiences, extend their thinking, scaffold their ideas and intentionally introduce them to new learning.

We actively promote and encourage strong partnerships with families and our extended community as this creates a wonderful sense of belonging that is vital to the learning environment of our children.

We aim to support a sustainable environment and also continually improve the care, education and environment we provide at Beehive so that we can achieve the highest quality service for our families and the community. This is done through the on going process of review, evaluation and reflection in collaboration with our families, educators and the community.

Beehive believes in providing education programs that will stimulate and foster a love of learning in your child. We do this by having high staff-to-child ratios, so that each child can receive positive feedback and direction regularly. The program is planned for the individual child and is based on their needs and interest.

Beehive goals and strategies include:

  • A balance between active and passive experiences
  • Indoor/outdoor activities
  • Individual/group times
  • Teacher/child initiated activities
  • Spontaneous learning opportunities
  • Through play allow children to challenge themselves and make choices
  • Encourage children to learn, problem solve, rationalise, take chances and experiment
  • Encourage children to support, guide, respect and to encourage one another
  • For the children to develop independence, confidence and self-value
  • Encourage families to be part of the Pre-School and share their child’s day with them
  • Provide regular feedback to parents about their child’s experiences at Pre-School

Beehive Childcare is now using Story Park, an online Early Childhood Programming and Documentation program where all your child/s observations, day book and programs for the room will be recorded. The portfolio is a record of your child’s journey and development at Beehive and includes observations, photos and events that occur at Beehive. Parents will be given login access and a password to view their child’s portfolio. This system allows families to view their child’s activities in the comfort of the own home or work or even when they may be overseas. The online system also allows the parent to give family members access to view their child.