Turramurra - Brazilian Carnivale

On Friday afternoon, our girls and boys participated in an amazing, Brazilian cultural experience to celebrate one of the most famous carnivals in the world "Carnivale" in Rio de Janeiro. A vibrant, energetic and flamboyant annual parade and Party lasting 5 days!

Georgia was very excited about her Mum Carolina coming to talk to our class about Carnivale and her home country of Brazil! A country that Georgia has visited a few times already. Carolina was born, and grew up in Porto Alegre, the largest city in Southern Brazil.

Georgia's face lit up with pride and happiness when Carolina entered the classroom wearing a beautiful, flowing, floral dress, with colourful beads and glittery make up.

Carolina told us that Brazil is a country far away from Australia where there is the largest rain forest in the world called the Amazon Rain forest. In Brazil there are snakes, lizards, frogs, monkeys, sloths and a variety of birds including the toucan. Carolina showed us the Brazilian flag and spoke about Rio where the Olympic Games were held last year.

Georgia stood next to her Mum and together they spoke in Portuguese. Georgia can speak fluently! We learnt that "Bom Dia" means "Good Morning" "Ole" means "Hello" and "Obrigado" is "thank you" in Portuguese. Carolina explained that the Portuguese language is similar to the French language.

Carolina introduced us to Carmen Miranda - the famous Portuguese-Brazilian singer, actor and Samba dancer who wore a colourful costume including a hat decorated with fruit. Then Carolina put a hat with a bowl of fruit, on the top, on her head!

It was then time to put on our sparkly masks, stand up, pick up a maraca or tambourine and do the Samba dance with Carolina leading us!

Samba dancing is so much fun! Carnivale is so much fun! We all danced and laughed and partied, with pure joy in our hearts, to "Carnaval Carnaval" - a traditional Samba song!

After dancing and partying inside, we were invited to enjoy a special Afternoon Tea in the COLA prepared by Carolina - warm, chewy, cheese bread called "pao de queijo" and a cup of coconut water. Delicious!

Thank you so much Carolina for taking some time to visit us at Beehive to talk about Brazil. And for allowing us to experience a privileged insight in to your fascinating country of birth. Thank you also for your wonderful energy, warmth, kindness and sense of fun in bringing a taste of Brazilian culture to Beehive. We loved every minute!