St Ives - Bees

One of the Yellow Room parents visited today with some bees from his own beekeeping business. What better place for bees than Beehive! We were very lucky to be able to ask lots of questions and discover more about how bees make the honeycomb hives and collect the nectar from flowers to make honey. The bees were inside a special box so that we could all take a closer look at them moving busily in among their waxy hive. We were also given the opportunity to try some of the honey straight from the honeycomb during our morning tea. It was such a delicious, sticky, sweet treat!

This experience allowed the children at Beehive to gain an understanding of how the honey making process works and how aspects of the natural environment impact on us. It helps them to realise that food that we eat doesn’t just come from the shops, but there is a fantastic natural phenomenon at work! It is important for children to learn about the interdependence of living things and begin to develop their awareness of and respect for the natural environment in order to become socially responsible young people.