St Ives - French

Each week, the children participate in a group learning experience with Jackie, our French teacher. Through this experience the children are immersed in the French language and encouraged to repeat words, listen to stories, sing songs and play games to develop their understanding of this alternate way of speaking and furthermore the French culture. The Blue Room children greet Jackie at the beginning of each French lesson with an enthusiastic ‘Bonjour’.

Learning about another language and culture is a great way of recognising and understanding differences. French lessons with Jackie emphasise that there are multiple ways of seeing the world and communicating with others. As some children in the Blue Room are already bilingual or multilingual, and we all exist in a very multicultural world, it is important to highlight the value and validity of all languages and ways of living. By participating and engaging with the French language, the children are learning to exchange ideas using a new language. They are developing awareness that communication is a reciprocal system, in which shared understandings, context, listening and responding to others are equally as important as the ability to speak.