St Ives - Living Eggs Experience

The Living Eggs experience has given the children an opportunity to have an up-close interaction with the life cycle of a chicken. The children have visited the chickens in the Red Room several times to see them start out as eggs, then gradually all hatch into baby chickens! We have learned how they use their beaks to crack the shell and peck their way out of the eggs, and when the chicks emerge, they are still wet from the liquid inside that gives them food and helps them grow, until they can dry out and warm up in the incubator to become the fluffy little birds we were expecting.

Once the chicks had some time to get used to the big wide world outside of their eggs, the children were able to touch, hold and observe them outside their box. We emphasised that because these animals were just babies and so small, we needed to be quiet, still, and gentle with them. This interaction with these living creatures supports the children in learning about the world around them, building their capacity to understand and respect living things.