St Ives - Persian New Year

Several children at Beehive have Persian cultural backgrounds and Tuesday 21st March marked the beginning of Norooz or Nowruz, which is Persian New Year! This celebration occurs on the first day of Spring in Iran and there are many exciting traditions we have been learning about through our exploration of pictures and shared experiences from our Persian Beehive families.

Sophie’s family offered their experiences with images of Sophie helping to grow sprouts to represent rebirth and a Red Wednesday gathering where people jump over bonfires and watch fireworks. We tried our own small Red Wednesday celebration by creating pretend fires and leaping over them.

Aiden's family shared some information about the Haft Sin table display with seven different items beginning with 'S' in Farsi. Persian people gather around this table to make wishes for a happy New Year. We have our very own display on the shelf with a variation of these significant items which represent new life and renewal.

By having this display, hopefully some of the children will feel a sense of belonging by having their cultures represented and valued within our centre community as well as support other children in learning more about the diversity that exists within their world.