Turramurra - Woodworking

Many of our Bumblebee children have expressed a sustained interest in building and construction so to extend on this we invited Mia's grandfather Neil to coordinate a “Woodworking Workshop” for us. On the day Neil was assisted by Mia's grandma Fiona and Mia's Mum Joss!

Neil and Joss introduced the session by showing the class a selection of different tools, Neil then explained the purpose of each tool with the highlight being Neil using his powerful, and noisy, drill!

The children have been mastering the techniques of using real tools such as a hammer and small saw in recent weeks. The purpose of the “Woodworking Workshop” was for the children to learn more about specific tools, how to use them correctly, associated safety aspects, the design process to create moving vehicles and musical instruments and the actual skills and processes involved in working with real wood and real tools to create, mostly by themselves, an actual toy.

We have been so fortunate to have Mia's family involved with sourcing ideas, preparing the planned experience with donated, wooden off cuts, tools, nails, and metal and plastic bottle tops.

The value and benefits of this hands on, authentic experience included; working with tools effectively, improving coordination and control, fostering fine motor skills, integrating Math and Science skills and concepts, cooperative engagement, problem solving strategies, expanding vocabulary, perseverance and a sense of achievement and sense of pride in accomplishing new skills to produce something

Our Bumblebee children achieved something very special today at Beehive; using real tools, wooden off cuts, nails and bottle tops to create something to take home and play with.

A big thank you to Neil, Fiona and Joss!