Wahroonga - Planets and Space

Carlos, Hannah's Dad came in to talk to the class about space. Hannah was the assistant and they began by letting the children take the lead. Poppy mentioned that she had seen shooting stars. Carlos told the class that shooting stars are not actually stars at all but tiny beads like you see in sand. When the beads come into earth they go so fast that they light up. The class were very interested in this idea.

Carlos then showed the class a model of the solar system and a poster with photos of the planets. Carlos discussed the different planets, Hannah told the class about Jupiter and Louis recognised Saturn because it has things (rings) around it.

Leela also informed the class that the sun is a star and the morning star is a sun, Carlos was very impressed and explained that the morning star is actually a planet, Venus.

The class then began telling Carlos what they knew about the planets and the solar system. The class were excited to tell him that the sun is in the middle of the solar system. Benjamin also told the class that he had seen the moon when it was really big but you only see the moon during the night.

Carlos explained that the moon can only be seen in the night because the sun is too bright in the day.

Carlos and Hannah also demonstrated how the sun make day and night on the earth, the children were very interested in how this works and loved the visual demonstration.

To finish Carlos gave the children picture cards, they took turns to say what was on their card and Carlos gave them information about the picture.