Director of St Ives Beehive

Denise Patterson is the Centre’s Director and Authorised Supervisor. Denise has a Degree in Early Childhood Teaching and a Diploma of Children’s Services. She has been in childcare for 12 years and has taught at Beehive since 2001. For the last three years Denise has been Director of Killara Beehive. Denise lives in the local area and is married with two children.

Denise's Philosophy

I believe that as an Early Childhood Educator and Director of an Early Childhood Centre it is my responsibility to ensure respectful relationships between everyone involved in the Centre, staff children, families and those associated in the community. My goal is to ensure families feel welcomed and accepted regardless of their social and cultural background. Families and staff should feel that there is open communication within the service and that their ideas are valued.

I believe that children flourish in environments when they have good caring relationships with both adults and their peers and where their ideas and conversations are respected and each child’s unique qualities are welcomed. By spending time with each child the teachers know what the children are interested in and are able to access a range of resources to promote and extend each child’s learning. We encourage children to work together with their peers with teacher support and by offering assistance and extending on the children’s ideas. Our environment should allow children to feel safe, be able to play, explore, to choose, create, to question and be able to be comfortable being themselves.

It is my intention that all staff within the Centre regardless of their qualification, view themselves as teachers, to be there for the children to model, share information and promote a happy learning environment where each child feels that they belong. I believe in creating a workplace for staff where there is open communication with the Director, where each staff member brings their unique skills with the goal of continually developing the Centre.