Sarah and Glen Armstrong

Owners of Beehive Childcare

Sarah and Glen Armstrong are the owners of Beehive Childcare Pty Ltd. They have successfully run childcare centers in Ku-ring-gai since 1996. Sarah has a Diploma of Education from Ku-ring-gai College and a Diploma in Social Science (Childcare). She is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Pre-Schools, ie. placements, staff and parents. Sarah is active in all Centres and has regular meetings with the Directors of each Centre.

Glen holds a Science degree, a Diploma of Education and an MBA. He worked for 20 years in the computer and “IT” Industry before joining Beehive. He is responsible for all back office (accounts, BAS, wages, etc) activities.

Sarah, Glen and the Beehive team believe in Quality Childcare. This is provided in a number of ways:

  1. More qualified staff
  2. Higher ratio of staff : child
  3. More allocated time for staff to program/evaluate/plan/prepare activities for the children in their care
  4. A highly educational program which caters for all children’s needs

All Beehive Centres offer:

  • A gross motor program
  • A music enrichment program
  • For children to learn a second language
  • Language development including pre-reading and writing through the Letterland program
  • An online development portfolio for each child
  • An online day book system that parents can access each day
  • Activities individually planned from the children’s interests and developmental level

Sarah and Glen’s Aim for Beehive:

Our philosophy is based on the beliefs and values that are important to our staff and families at Beehive Pre-School. We provide a high quality, safe and friendly environment that supports the individual needs of children, families and staff, whilst recognising that all early experiences and play in a child’s life have a direct influence on their overall development.

We provide an inclusive program that is based on the children’s needs and interests as well as introducing children to new experiences. Children are encouraged to respect each others individuality through positive guidance and self-worth. Children are always seen as individuals and are treated equally. Staff allow children to exert independence and always give the children choice and variety.

We believe that young children need interesting and enjoyable play experiences and activities to provide challenges to their natural curiosity, excite creativity and instill a love of learning. We maintain a flexibility that allows us to take advantage of play situations as well as any spontaneous learning situations and balance these with group and planned activities.

Thorough knowledge of child development and observational skills helps identify children’s strengths and plan goals to expand and enhance every child’s learning. Our program includes ideas from staff, families and the children and is based on observations of the children.

Our staff work together as a team and are always friendly, trustworthy, caring and reliable. Our staff also work in partnership with parents, encouraging them to join in with all aspects of the centre.

Beehive Childcare Management will:

  • Ensure that a comprehensive set of policies are in place as required under Education and Service Regulations and other Regulations and laws that the service must comply with;
  • Ensure that these policies comply with relevant legislation; and
  • Update these policies on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that mechanisms are in place such as compliance tools and a compliance calendar to assess that the Centre’s policies are implemented.
  • sets the strategic direction and monitors performance of the Centre.
  • will provide effective governance to ensure excellent overall management of the Centre’s business and financial objectives;
  • delegate the implementation of the services strategic plan and day-to-day management of the Centre to the service’s Director/Nominated Supervisor. In discharging these powers, the Director/Nominated Supervisor will be bound by all policies of the Centre.