Providing a high quality, safe and friendly environment that supports the individual needs of children, families and staff, whilst recognising that all early experiences and play in a child’s life have a direct influence on their overall development.

Goals & Strategies - Wahroonga BEEHIVE

  • Provide a balance between active and passive experiences
  • Indoor/outdoor activities
  • Individual/group times
  • Teacher/child initiated
  • Spontaneous learning opportunities
  • Through play allow children to challenge themselves and make choices
  • Encourage children to learn, problem solve, rationalise, take chances and experiment
  • Encourage children to support, guide, respect and to encourage one another
  • For the children to develop independence, confidence and self value
  • Encourage families to be part of the Pre-School and share their child’s day with them
  • Provide regular feedback to parents about their child's experiences at Pre-School
A range of experiences are provided that will develop the whole child:
  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Gross and fine motor
  • Creative